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2018/19 $5000 Sponsorship
Driver’s Profile Competition

When the race car crosses the finish line we have a $5000 Sponsorship Winner!


By Delice Girdler Fitzgerald

Four wheeling has been my way of life for many years thanks to my father (Gary Girdler). Santa Clause brought me my first four wheeler when I was 3. My father taught me it all. How to pick your line, how to set up on the four wheeler seat while going up a steep hill and how to scoot back on the seat  while going down a big hill etc...  Crashing and learning the hard lessons it was a part of it too, but my dad was always there to pick me back up knock the dust off of me and perhaps throw on a  bandage so I could continue to ride. It was an adreline rush I was hooked even back then.

DeliceposingwithCarintheWoodsMoving up to present time, I've continued with four wheeling.  I race and own my own Rock Bouncer.  I race with American Rock Crawling and Adventrure Off Road Park Race Series.  I now have two great men helping me with my hobby. My father and now My Husband. My husband (Geno Fitzgerald) too is a Rock Racer and we make a great husband and wife team. We stay busy traveling the east coast going from race to race we are somewhere every weekend. Traveling as much as we do and spending almost every weekend with all the other racers we have formed into one big family, it's our racing family. We pick on each other all in fun. Take the "HITMAN" for example....He always lets out and he's real slow! It's a great atmosphere! Even the fans that come out to watch the race get pulled into the race family. It's all about the friendly high octane action and good people!

DeliceRockClimbing2ImageThe thrill of the race is what has sucked me in. I get so nervous before the race starts seeing all the race fans. Getting suited up in the safety equipment  I can feel my heart start to beat though my chest.  As I pull up to that start line I hear: 1, 2, 3, GO! Soon as I hit the gas all the nervousness goes away. When I pass the finish line I take off all the safety equipment to feel the adreline running though my body. It's an awesome feeling. If you have never seen a Rock Race also known as a Rock Bouncing race, please Check out American Rock Crawling on Facebook. This is action packed racing! Madramm 11, Hammer Down Productions or Busted Knuckles cranks out awesome videos. Check them out on YOUTUBE.

ROCK BOUNCER UP KEEP I'm lucky to have a husband who enjoys garage time! He does most of the upkeep. Mechanical failures is going to happen! When it does he's there to get it fixed and get me back to racing the next race.

RACING WITH MY HUSBAND We both love this crazy sport and we are both very competitive especially against each other. I can only recall one time I've beat him during a race, and trust me I still rub it in today! I'm always trying to outdo him. Even if were just trail riding, it usually turns into a race or "hill killing" — all out of fun of course — but we just see if we can outdo one another! Being able to travel and spend all this time together only makes us stronger. They say a couple that bounces together stays together! plusbug



Posted by Dave TheWave Bowen on Thursday, July 16, 2015
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