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ber this year is my design which is also on my racing shirt.	I just got my driver license this year so a job will be taking up my time also. I helped my Grandpa Joe do some body work and paint my Grandpa Loren’s
added appreci- ation for it be-
cause of all the work I did on it.
1990 Ford Ranger truck last summer. To my sur- prise he gave me that truck for my first vehicle. I have an
My dad, started the “Flying
Turkey” fan page on facebook. I was
surprised to see how many people
followed my progress. “Why Fly-
ing Turkey you ask? My dad had always called me his little turkey since I was a baby. After my first race someone had said “WOW, he is flying!” and it just stuck.
10 LET’S RACE • Volume 2, Issue 1 2013

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