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aki Racing
ally is a quiet place to be. Sit-	front got hit ting on the grid, whether it is	by another to go out for qualifying or	competitor starting on the front row for a	trying to feature, all you can do, all you	avoid the think about is, driving your	wreck, line, hitting yours marks for	which breaking, rolling into the throt-	pushed the tle at the right point. There re-	car even ally is no time to worry about	harder into
on or off the track, I always refer- ence to something Grandpa told me. When it came to racing he al- ways said, “In order to end up with a small fortune in racing, you have to start with a large one.” I laugh as I realize more and more why that statement is so true.
When I am not racing, I am al- ways looking for a way to better improve my knowledge of racecars by being involved in with a Jegs/CRA Team. I have been a long time spotter for Jegs’ driver Pat Zorn. Working with Pat, and Pat’s crew chief Bob Varney, I have been able to expand my knowledge on chas- sis dynamics and winning set-ups.
the wall. It’s crazy, I can still
see the whole thing in my mind, but I
can also remember how it was moving as if in slow motion as it was
Off the track, I like to hang out with friends. If not at a race track, on the lake or a golf
save the seat out of it. Everything was bent and junked.
course is where you can find me. On Sundays I like to watch NASCAR with friends, rooting for Brad Ke- selowski. I am known for my dedi- cation to my family and friends, eager to share a helping hand whenever possible. I have two sib- lings, Casey Maki who is a nurse in Dal- las, TX, and Jarrett Maki who also has racing experi- ence in quar- ter midgets.
com- petition or where you need to finish for a good points night. You start thinking about the things you can’t control and you end up losing focus. The quietest moment in a racecar,
My racing career has no limit to its pos- sibilities. One thing I stress on is having fun. The day I stop having fun doing what I love to do, that’s the day I hang up the wheel. Being in my seat, strapped in, is my quiet zone. Yeah, the noise of the engine, the feel of the track in the wheel and seat are great... but it re-
in my opinion, is the second before a wreck. It’s like time stands still. One of the hard- est
wrecks I’ve ever had was at Dixie Motor
Speedway. We were running pretty well and with 5 to go when we got tagged from the right rear going into turn one. The car spun backwards and slammed hard into the wall. As I was backing into the wall, the right
happening. We ended up throwing that whole car away, didn’t even
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