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2009, she received Most Improved Driver of the year. In 2010, Faith received Track Champion, Sportsman of the Year and Driver of the Year. In 2011, Faith raced in Owasso a couple of times for more track experience and something new, while being in the points race at her home track Vestaburg Kart Speedway. At the end of her third year of racing Faith received Track Championship for the second year in a row. With her drive continue to thrive, her ability to drive and her passion to race, we de- cided to move Faith from purple plate inter- mediate to purple plate. In 2012, Faith raced her heart out. Learn- ing many les- sons and continuing the love of racing, Faith, at the end of her season, was second place in points. As she continues forward with her dreams we remind her what the Bible says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” That it is possible and to continue taking one step at a time and praising God for the steps. Thanking Him for the opportunity to race and being thankful to all who help her to achieve her dreams. Without God, family, friends and sponsors it wouldn’t be possible.
Lawn Care, Pro Pit Stop, Pit Stop Quick Lube, Phil Roberts, McDonalds, Mt. Pleasant Agency, Baulmans, Weidman
Faith is back out on the track for the 2013 racing season. Please continue to cheer on Faith in her dream of becoming an NASCAR racer. Faith wants to offer a special “Thank you” to God, Rick Schuch (Daddy), Tania Schuch (Mommy), Don Bucholz (Crew Chief), Sponcers: His Way
Pro Hardware, Sherwin Williams, as well as her family, friends, and certainly her fans!
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