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or hearing aid fit-	the limitations that tings to be success-	your current hearing ful, speech must be	aids offer in relation to
appropriately amplified with respect to loud- ness, clarity, and com- fort. Soft speech should be perceived as soft, moderate speech sounds should be per- ceived as moderate, and loud speech	hearing aid. sounds should not reach the patient’s discomfort level. Live speech mapping is the latest innovative approach to hearing aid fitting which uses natural speech to show how effective digital hearing aids are in helping you to hear speech.
actual speech. While wearing hearing aids, a tiny probe micro- phone is inserted into the ear canal while the hearing aids are run- ning, then a stimulus
to measure the output and shows if the hearing aids are amplifying sounds ap-
Left: A typical AccuQuest Hearing Center lobby. Right: An audiologist refines a custom shell
With digital speech mapping, an actual speech signal, not tones or hissing sounds, is used to test the hearing aids while inserted in the patient’s ears.This allows for the shape and size of the patient’s ear canals to be in- cluded in the fitting process, as well as using the most important signal we hear, speech.
propriately. The Live Speech Map is displayed on a mon- itor through easily-understood graphics so that you can actually see sounds that are missing and be presented with a clear visual sense of hearing loss and aided bene- fits relating to actual speech. It allows you to see graphi- cally just how the hearing aid is performing in a live, real world environment.
Speech mapping also helps to provide a clear “visual” sense of the hearing loss, and the benefits or perhaps
Once we see what sounds you’re missing, we’ll be able to tune your personal hearing aids until it restores the missing speech patterns and tones. So, not only will you hear the difference a hearing aid makes with your speech, you’ll be able to see the sounds being re- stored visually as well.
(voices/music) is used
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