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knew the name “Jen Ms. NASCAR” may become a problem so I had the fans re-name me. “Infield Jen” won the vote. I let the fans totally dictate everything I did when I went to the tracks. I’d post where I’d be and ask them what they wanted to see and what they wanted to know. I took all kinds of requests and it was a lot of fun. It allowed me to network with drivers, team members and NASCAR’s elites.
Brian Keselowski was the only driver I did not give a re- sume to, but two weeks before the Daytona 500 in February 2011, he contacted me out of the blue and offered me a P.R. job. He liked the fact that I was involved with the fans and wanted me to combine what I did as “Infield Jen” with his race team. I promoted him feverishly
and his fan base grew rapidly. I also showed fans what it was like to work on an underfunded team and the difficulties and differences of teams like ours compared to teams like Hendrick and Roush.
race fan set ups, total tailgaters, and crazy enthusiastic fans who go all out.
My “Infield Jen” concept is pretty simple: Fulfill a fan’s request as I wish someone did for me when I was just a fan, before I had the op- portunity to work on the inside. Be it a specific question or photo... just ask and I will do my best to Git-R- Dun just for YOU!
I also go through the track in- fields and outfields snapping pic-
tures and seeking out really cool
Check out my website at and find me on
Twitter @infieldjen, and like In- field Jen on Facebook.
Me & Richard Petty (THE KING).
Volume 2, Issue 1 2013 • LET’S RACE 27
Me & Ryan Newman.

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