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By Tammy Leigh Maxey
t’s the must have decor for the dis- criminating car
cleaned and shot blasted. It was important that the shop
knew not to coat the engine with any penetrant spray to prevent rust, because it was going to be painted inside and out and paint will not stick to oil. (NEVER blast a real engine as there are pockets that will never release all the grit until the engine fires and oil pressure comes up ruining everything...)
guy’s man cave, (or even your living room if the wife is game) – the Racing Engine Coffee Table... It’s the ultimate display piece for all your motorsport maga- zines and you’ll never have to give it an oil change again!!!
Chris decided to maintain the orig- inal look of the 383. For the exte- rior of the block he chose Hemi Orange; the cylinders would be black, and the lifter galley black also for contrast. The machined surfaces of the head would be metallic silver, and the timing chain and bellhousing area a darker tint color.
Chris Urmanic specializes in restoration and creative automotive projects, so when Shannon Benz called him up and asked if he’d be willing to build an engine coffee table for her drag racing boyfriend Rod Bowling, Chris was intrigued with the challenge.
Step two –Back at Chris’ garage, it was time to lay the primer.
The etch- ing primer
Step one – find an engine.
provides the dual purpose of preventing rust, and providing a base for the other paint colors. It’s important in this step to fully prep all exposed areas with the primer.
Mask off the painted area so you don’t paint over something that needs to be another color. Tape up the other surfaces that will be different colors, and lay down your base color so you can mask it off. Chris chose to paint the inside of the engine block black to prevent light reflection. Here the block is masked for the Hemi Orange application.
Choose your color palette. Do you want to go original or theme it to compliment the colors of your room’s decor? For this project,
Step three– After the paint has had time to completely cure, it’s time to lay down foundation for the glass.
This one was a 1967 383hp that had been completely redone and ready to go in a street rod... 40 years ago. Oh yeah, it had been sitting up in a pole barn for four decades and deeply embed- ded in 40 years of dirt. It took a few hours to pull it out but once it was free, they took it back to Chris’ garage to marvel at the rare find.
From there, they took it to a local machine shop to have it thoroughly
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