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Used for this piece was tem- pered glass. Plexiglas is an op- tion however it scratches more easily than glass. Rounded edging is recommended.
Step four– Level the glass so that lays flat side to side and end to end.
to become level with the glass so that the glass would lay flat side to side and end to end.
For the 383, Chris chose to use a connecting rod with pistons to support the glass. He painted the connecting rods to match. First order was to drill one connecting rod bolt hole to accom- modate a 7/16 Allen head bolt which secured the rod to the block in the original head bolt hole. The piston skirts needed notch- ing so that they would sit level and square, not inter- fering with the side of the con rod when the glass was set on. He also used a small clear button (hardware store item) on top of each piston to prevent the piston from scratching the glass.
Since the 383 had origi- nal pressed pins in the rods, they were turned slightly so it was a snug but sliding fit and when the glass was set
There you have it! ...the most awesome coffee table on the block-(pun in- tended), and the envy of car guy living rooms every- where!
down, each piston would level to the glass rotating on
Don’t have time to DIY?
the pin
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for the en- gine coffee
guy decor proj- ects you want to try... he welcomes the
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