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T from the music industry. Our
Singer of the Hit Single
scene, entertainment
race fan and fast growing singing ca- reer that is gaining momentum and popularity with many follow- ers daily, Dani Fouts!
Originally from Suldotna Alaska, her family soon moved
as a child. She would sing everywhere: on the school bus just
playground and in the lunch room
she wanted to sing she
afraid of singing in
pened that she partic- ipated in
her Jun- ior year. She sang
They put her on a
stool in the middle of the stage, with the
front of three hun-
12 LET’S RACE • Volume 3, Issue 1 2014
oday we look at a new forefront in the racing
focus is the intriguing story of wife, mother, avid
to the continental U.S. where she started singing
to entertain her classmates, on the
to the lunch ladies.When
just sang, and she was not
front of people. So it hap-
the Junior Miss Pag- eant in
“Leaving on a Jet Plane” a cappella.
dark wooden
spotlight right on her in

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