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dred people.And from that moment on, she knew what she wanted to do her whole life!
which also includes a music magazine, started working with Dani.
on the door to ask if they could use NASCAR Fan as opener for their rac- ing TV show. So NASCAR Fan now opens up Let’s Race TV on channel 99 in Michigan!
Growing up with a family who shared a great love of cars and racing, she soon also was addicted to the thrill and speed of the race herself. Her first car, bought with her grandpa’s guidance, was a 1986 Camaro. Her love of fast cars and racing continued to grow from there even faster.
On January 20, 2014, Dani officially signed with Mid South Music Records and Promotions and “NASCAR Fan” has taken off in full force. It was re- leased to the public during the Daytona 500 in Florida this year and she contin- ues to bring it to fans across the nation at various racetracks and NASCAR events.
Dani Fouts’ debut album is planned to be recorded this late summer at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN that has a history of many award winning artists recording there in its repertoire. ZZ Top recorded 8 albums there among the many other famous artists, such as Steve Earle and Isaac Hayes. Sponsors are currently being sought to bring this album to the pub- lic. It is also planned to have another racing song on the album!
Her passion for racing and sexy fast cars came to full force once she be- came an adult. She and her husband Brian now own 3 classic race cars. In 2006, they rebuilt a replica 1965 Cobra and are restoring a 1967 Cougar.The Cobra is featured in the promo video of “NASCAR Fan,” her climbing soon to be hit song produced by her label owner and manager T.M. Garret and Grammy nominee Bryan Austin.
While in Daytona, Dani was privi- leged to sit at a meet and greet auto- graph session with Bobby Allison and various other drivers and also perform the song for the public. She has per- formed at the Magnolia Motor Speed- way in Columbus, Mississippi where she also attended autograph sessions with Kenny Wallace. Planning is in process for her to open the races with the Na- tional Anthem at the legendary Hickory Speedway, with negotiations in process between T.M. Garret and Extend-it Lu- bricants for her in the works Late Sum- mer Southern Speedway Tour.
Dani is Country. She is Rock. She is Racing! She is what all the racing fans stand for and loves to support fellow racing fans and play at racing events and speedways.
Just for the record, she is a hands on person and personally works on the cars with her husband. Dani is no stranger to oil and dirt when it comes to racing and cars.The Cobra has also been on the racetrack and featured in a classic car calendar and on the cover of a race magazine.
Her management can be emailed at
Mid South Music Records and Pro- motions
Since then she was featured in the Motor Racing Scene Magazine, Racin Nation Radio Network, Dirt Tracking
Mid South Music Magazine
phone: (662)671-2470 fax: (888)393-2090 toll free Mid South Music Records and Promo-
In July 2013, she met Colonel Robert Morris, a monumental part of the Memphis music scene and drummer with a long stand- ing history in music. He also was the longstanding drum- mer of Rockabilly icon Char- lie Feathers.
Southern Style Radio, Racing Fan Radio and the Chevy Daniels
Show. Two other high-
lights are that two producers knocked
tions Mid South Music Magazine are de- partments of Highway78 Inc.
In the 1990s, he wrote a Rockabilly song named “NASCAR Fan” but never found the right woman to sing the
song.As he discovered Dani , realizing her love of classic race cars and racing, and her gift of singing, he knew he had the per- fect person to bring his song to life and share with all racing fans.
Upon his passing, it was turned over to T.M. Garret, his dearest friend and comrade, who know carries on the Colonel’s legacy. In December 2013 T.M. Garret, who also created Mid South Music Records and Promotions
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Dani with Kenny Wallace

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