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Some of my earli- est child- hood memories
gether as a family in our 32’ toter and 40’ three-car
Three weeks later, Chuck purchased his cur- rent ride, the 1971 Dodge Challenger. He in- stalled the 440 into the Challenger and went right back to Super Gas racing.
are of my dad, Chuck Rose, drag racing his ’68 Dodge Dart GTS at Thun- derValley Dragway in Mar- ion, SD. Back then, it was a camper on the back of a pickup and an open trailer. As far back as I can remember, our family spent many weekends at the track during my child- hood summers.We had so much fun; we didn’t really know anything else.That’s how we spent time together as a family.
stacker trailer – a far cry from the days of the camper and open
Over the years, Chuck has upgraded en- gines in the Challenger. He sold the 440 in 2002 and purchased a 528ci Indy motor from a friend that had it in a Super Comp dragster. He ran that until 2005 and up- graded to his current 572ci Indy motor.The 572ci INDY motor utilizes a Mopar Mega Block, Indy 572 heads that are CNC ported by Indy, and an Indy intake topped with a Stinnett prepped Holley Dominator and K&N air filter.Valvetrain consists of Jesel rocker arms, Comp Cams lifters, Smith Bros. pushrods, and a Cam Motions cam (.840 in- take, .795 exhaust).The 572 uses aluminum GRP rods,Wiseco pistons, Milidon Oil sys- tem, Callies crankshaft, K&N Oil filter, and a Vacuum Pump from Aerospace Components. The transmission is prepped by Dave Ross and utilizes a Coan converter.The ’71 Chal- lenger was updated by Dave Stevens before Chuck purchased it and is a tube chassis, 4- link car with Strange strut front end, K&N carbon fiber scoop, Hoosier tires (33” rears), and a Dana 60 with 4.56 gears.The weight of the car (w/driver) is right at 2,630 lbs.This combination runs the
Fast forward to 2014 and things have cer- tainly changed. My dad still drag races, but now he has a tube chassis 1971 Dodge Chal- lenger that he runs in NHRA’s Super Gas cat- egory. I began racing with my dad back in 1999 when we converted a 1973 Plymouth Cuda with a 318 (non-matching #) into a drag race only car. My older brother, Matt, decided he was ready to start racing in 2009. So he purchased a 2006 Undercover Drag- ster and headed off to Frank Hawley’s Drag Racing School. We now have a three-car team that competes on the NHRA Division 5 circuit as well as some of the NHRA Na- tional Drag Race Series events.We travel to-
GTS. He purchased it the day he graduated high school in 1972. It had a white interior/black exterior with a 340 and a 4- speed. He began “legally” drag racing it around 1978 and eventually won a track championship with it in 1983. Shortly there- after, he swapped it over to an automatic and had some success with it until he sold it (as a roller), to a gentleman in Idaho, in 1992. One month later, Chuck purchased a 1978 Ply- mouth Arrow with intentions of racing it in Super Gas.The Arrow came with some his- tory as it was built by Wayne Farr specifically for Paul Gentilozzi for the Modified Produc- tion class.The Arrow was featured in Car Craft (Feb 1979) and Popular Hot Rodding (March 1979) magazines. Chuck put the 340 out of the ’68 Dart into the Arrow and ran S/G (9.90 @ 134MPH) for 5 years. Chuck sold the Arrow (complete) in 1997 and also received a 440 wedge motor (alcohol in- jected) as part of the deal.
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trailer. I know my dad misses his ’68 Dodge Dart
By Brad Rose

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