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Super Gas 9.90 index at 155 mph. Chuck ran the car flat-out once and it went 8.60 @ 158mph.ThissetuphelpedChuckwinthe NHRA Division 5 “Super Shootout” Champi- onship in 2008. Chuck was also the NHRA Division 5 Super Gas representative for the JEG’s All-Stars in 2010.
and disc brake setup from Aerospace Compo- nents, as well as a Competition Engineering Slide-A-Linksystem. IrunHoosier 29.5x10.5W tires (un-altered fender wells) on the Dana 60 rear-end with 4.30 gears.The transmission is prepped by Dave Ross and uti- lizes a Neal Chance converter.The weight of the car with me in it is 3,350 lbs.This combina- tion runs the Super Street 10.90 index at 128 mph and flat out will run 10.50 @ 129 mph. This setup led me to win the NHRA Division 5 “Super Shootout” Championship in 2011, just like my dad did in 2008.
Comp Cam lifters, Jesel rockers, Smith Bros pushrods, Diamond Pistons, GRP aluminum rods,customcam,IndyintakewithaQuick- Fuel carb and K&N Air filter, Indy oiling sys- tem from pump to pan with K&N oil filter, FabShop headers, and a Callies crank. Matt also runs a vacuum pump from Aerospace Components and Hoosier tires.The transmis- sion is prepped by Dave Ross and utilizes a Coan converter. Matt runs a monostrut wing on the car for added stability, K&N carbon fiber scoop, and the dragster has a 9” rear- end with 4.10 gears by Strange.The car
My ’73 Cuda was a daily driver with a 318 when I purchased it in 1998.A year later my dad and I converted it into a drag race only car.We completely stripped the car, and when I say completely – I mean everything. My dad is somewhat old-school in the fact that he prefers to do everything himself.Whether it’s assembling the motors, installing a roll cage, or even painting the cars – he does it all.The motor we installed is 440ciWedge.After the initial machine work, we assembled the entire motor. It has a Chrysler block (bored .030 over), Mopar M1 intake, Holley 1050cfm Dom- inator, K&N Air filter, Edelbrock RPM alu- minum heads, Lunati Cam (.648 lift) and roller lifters, Smith Bros. pushrods, Harland Sharp 1.5 rockers, Ross pistons, Eagle rods and crank, K&N Oil filter, and Hooker Super Competition headers. I recently installed a vacuum pump
My brothers’ 2006 Undercover dragster (finished by Edmond Richardson) is pow- ered by a 620ci Indy motor.The 620ci motor uses an alu- minum Indy Maxx block and will now utilize the latest 600-13X head castings from
weighs 1900 lbs w/ driver and after we get the
Indy. It has
Volume 3, Issue 1 2014 • LET’S RACE 21
motor back from Best Ma- chine, we’re
hoping the car will run the Super Comp
8.90 index at 180+ mph.

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