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26 LET’S RACE • Volume 3, Issue 1 2014
A Sport
Cody King thought he was destined to be a pro hockey player. He began skating at just 18-months-old, and began playing competitively by age 4. His entire childhood was engrossed in the sport, save for those weekends when his father would take him out to Michigan International Speedway to watch the Indy Cars. “I immedi- ately fell in love with the smells, the sounds and the people involved,” says Cody. “As I started getting more and more involved as a fan of the sport, I always knew deep down that I wanted to be a racecar driver someday, but as I grew up, my plans were focused on hockey.
“My parents would drive me all over the state of
Michigan, Canada and the U.S. I always believed I was going to be a professional hockey player.” However, as Cody grew older and lev- eled up, he hit a wall in his physique␣he was too short! He was cut from team after team due to his size. He was frus- trated, but no quitter. By his teens, he was playing AAA hockey in Detroit, the top amateur hockey league. Cody was winning champi-
onships and cultivat- ing friendships that he still has
today. However, to move up he knew he would have to be differ- ent—better—than the rest of the players. He lived by the quote from the movie Miracle, “This team can- not be a team of common men be- cause common men go nowhere. You have to be uncommon.”
Due to his small size, Cody had to compensate with skill. He devel- oped a strong intuition on the ice, sensing plays two and three moves

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