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2018/19 $5000 Sponsorship
Driver’s Profile Competition

When the race car crosses the finish line we have a $5000 Sponsorship Winner!

emilee riley zeroedn photography truck 

It's normal for me to be a female AND a race car driver. This is the simple answer I have when someone asks why I love racing. Sure, there are ups and downs to being a female in the male-dominated sport of racing, but that's not what I focus on. Despite the long-held view that motor sports are mainly for men, due to their natural interest in fast machinery, a love for the technicalities of engines and suspensions, and an instinctive appreciation of a well-designed car, I have proven that females can race well, very well. Like my mentors before me, including Lyn St. James, Shirley Muldowney, Janet Guthrie, Melanie Troxel, and Danica Patrick — I intend to continue to shatter the mold as to the perception and face of racing leaders.


Being a female in racing is undoubtedly a gift and a curse. I have had many challenges, in that people may not take me seriously at first, or that I have championship level skills, but I do. Let me first say that I am SO lucky - I have parents who have always encouraged me and have put my dreams ahead of theirs.

As a very young girl, my parents realized that I was much different than the others girls in my neighborhood. I think my mother finally gave up on giving me dolls and other 'girly" things once I captured my first win in my first start in the Quarter Midget racing series. This win paved the way for continued on-track success and was the beginning of my complete racing passion and focus. I quickly moved into the Pro Challenge Series, which was very challenging, but I was fueled by my dream, and I quickly made a name for myself in the upper ranks of Georgia Short tracks. After only a year in the Pro Challenge Series, I had won numerous races and finished 2nd in the Georgia State Championship and finished 3rd in the Pro Challenge Nationals. I don't think I could give justice in explaining the feelings I had, but all I can say is that I was confident, motivated, and yes - VERY DRIVEN! My leap into Gresham Motorsports Park continued my winning streak, and I would meet these extreme challenges with such determination and spirit, but,

I exceeded my own expectations, and became the first female rookie to win a championship at Gresham Motorsports Park! The rewards were outstanding: picking up my first series championship, being named Most Improved Driver and Rookie of the Year, and most importantly, and gaining the respect of my fellow racers.


2015- Competed in Nascar Late Model Stock Series

• Finished top 10 in all races in which I competed (10 featured races) along with 2 top 5 finishes

2014- Competed in Nascar Late Model Stock Series and Pro Late Model Series

2013- Won Gresham Motorsports Park track championship in Super Truck Division 

• Finished top 5 in all races in which I competed (9 featured races)
• First female to ever win a track championship consecutively at Gresham Motorsports Park 

2012- Won Gresham Motorsports Park track championship in Super Truck Division

• Finished top 5 in all races in which I competed (8 featured races)
• First female rookie to ever win a track championship at Gresham Motorsports Park First driver to win track championship in rookie season
• Finished 4th in Gresham Motorsports Park 75-lap Super Truck showdown

2011 - Finished 2nd in Georgia State points in Pro Challenge Series

• Finished 3rd in Pro Challenge Nationals at Cordele Speedway

2011 - Competed in Legends Semi Pro Division at Atlanta Motor Speedway

• Finished top 5 in all races in which I competed (5 featured races)

2010 - Finished 3rd in the nation in the Future Stars Mini Cup Division

• Finished 2nd in the Future Stars Open Division

• Rookie of the Year

I will continue to hone my skills for the 2016 season, as I will be making the step into the NASCAR Latemodel stock racing series. This series will help me prepare for the NASCAR K&N series for the 2017 regular season. I pride myself in everything I have accomplished, as I am so proud to be one of the only females in each racing series where I have competed. For the 2016 racing season I will be contending through out the southeast to gain valuable recognition and substantial experience in my NASCAR Latemodel, BUT I NEED YOUR HELP! In return for your generous sponsorship, Riley Motorsports will support and promote your business to our utmost potential through as many different forms of media as we can. As one of the only female competitors in the Latemodel series I am looking to set a high standard for my valuable fans and sponsors, and make them proud to be such a key participant of my dream. On behalf of Riley Motorsports, I would be honored to gain your support, and appreciate any opportunity possible to work with your company to help broaden your marketing outreach as well as help me to accomplish my goals. THANK YOU!


Posted by Dave TheWave Bowen on Thursday, July 16, 2015
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